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Over the years, Elgin has performed acoustic finger style guitar at restaurants, wine tastings, bed and breakfasts,weddings, house concerts and church services. Growing up Elgin was exposed to a wide variety of music and found he admired the heavy metal riffs of groups like, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica, the feeling of blues artists such as Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan and early ZZ Top (prior to the 80's). The eclectic sounds of Al Di Meola's tangos and the jazz tones of Wes Montgomery and Lee Ritenour. Elgin currently incorporates finger style, jazz, heavy metal and blues into his original compositions and in 2011 completed a full length CD called Rough Cuts. Elgin also can be found on the New Folk Records compilation CD "Strings Across The North Shore", Loud Folk Records Christmas CD "Emmanuel" and Tim Reede’s compilation CD to promote Tim’s guitars. Elgin also was awarded a certificate of special congressional recognition from congressman John Kline for his service to the community through benefit concerts to help the homeless, cancer victims and programs for single moms. Elgin has shared the stage with some of the artists who continue to inspire him including: Dean Magraw, Dan Schwartz, Steve Lehto, Tim Sparks, Greg Herriges and Sam Breckenridge to name a few.
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