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Musician. Guitar player. Composer
Elgin is an excellent guitarist known for his pensive instrumental music. His melancholic compositions are captivating and intimate.

2023 is starting out to be a good year already getting booked for corporate events, weddings and outdoor events! Stay tuned to hear about a mini tour too. I also will be combining my new passion for art with this site. I have been working hard during the pandemic to learn a new skill and I'm happy to say art is here to stay!

I'm available for online guitar lessons and some in person teaching.

I was contacted by guitar builder Tim Reede to be part of his compilation cd. I'm honored to be sharing the same space with guitar greats such as Sam Breckenridge, Tim Sparks and Nolan James to name a few.You can see me playing his guitar in my video "Missing You Missing Me"

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